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Manchester Institute of Education

Critical Education Policy and Leadership (CEPaL)

CEPaLs is an established research community in MIE with a remit to undertake policy scholarship in regard to:

  • macro policy trends that are global and trans-national
  • meso trends that are national and regional
  • micro trends that are local and organizational

The underpinning values for this work are located in public education and social justice in compulsory (schools) and post compulsory (further and higher education/widening participation) education.

The current project themes are

  • Conceptual work on the meaning of the public and private
  • Access to education and social justice
  • The composition and practices of the professional workforce
  • The structure and reorganization of provision of educational services
  • Policy, knowledge production and knowledge actors
  • Quality processes and globalization

Major contributions are through the use of both social theory and of novel methods for gaining insights into the role and impact of elites in education policy, and to impact on social, economic and cultural life through activism and policy debates.

The staff who undertake this research are: