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Photograph of mural with city skyline behind

Social and Cultural Geography Research Group (SCGRG)

Our research is at the heart international advances in social and cultural geography.

The social and cultural geography research group at the University of Manchester is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and influential group of theorists and researchers leading cutting-edge theoretical, empirical, and methodological debates within and beyond geography, as well as working beyond the University to impact on policy and practice.

Research Interests

Contributing to critical geographies of feminist, Marxist, post-colonial, post-structural and more-than-representational theory we individually work on a range of diverse topics, with many over-lapping research agendas existing within the group. Examples of our joint research interests include: 

  • encounter and intimacy;
  • violence;
  • creativity and labour;
  • public and private space;
  • mapping;
  • mobilities;
  • health and well-being; and
  • identities.

International work

Individual group members are also internationally renowned for their work on: 

  • virtual geographies;
  • austerity;
  • urban theory;
  • cultural policy;
  • multiculturalism and difference; and
  • alcohol, drinking, drunkenness.

Methodologically innovative, our research draws on ethnographies, critical mapping, archival, visual and perfomative approaches. Drawing direct links between research and teaching also ensures that social and cultural geography taught at the University of Manchester is very popular with our undergraduate and Masters students and attracts high quality PhD researchers from around the world. 

Our current work has emerged from a long tradition of excellence in social and cultural geography research, with past colleagues including Professor Gill Valentine (University of Sheffield), Professor Sarah Atkinson (Durham University), Dr Sarah Mackian (The Open University) and Professor Michael Bradford (retired).

Advancing this history of esteem a new generation is building on such strong foundations to ensure that social and cultural theory and methods are key to research and teaching within Geography at The University of Manchester and making important contributions to interdisciplinary academic debates, as well as policy and practice. 

Research profiles