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Sponsorship proposals

We welcome sponsorship proposals, which can include:

  • supporting scholarships for research students to research a specific area of your work as your PhD Fellow;
  • supporting branded scholarships for research students from developing and transitional economies; and
  • branding of external events.

Knowledge transfer partnerships

Each Knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) project employs one or more associates, often postgraduate researchers, for a project lasting between six months and three years, transferring and embedding new knowledge and skills into your company's business.

The partnerships are available across a wide range of public and private sectors. Your project could involve developing new products or technologies, or looking at new frameworks and processes for improving efficiencies.

Our associate delivers the project for you and they are jointly managed by you and an academic or specialist from the School.

KTP is a UK programme and each project is part-funded by the UK government, with the balance of costs contributed by you.

For more information, email us with an idea of the project you would like us to manage:


Our research groups, centres and institutes have an established record of working with external partners, including government agencies, the corporate sector, and the third sector and our PhD researchers can be an important part of our consultancy team.

We can help with identifying good practice, evaluating current practice and supporting research into new activities and strategies. Employing a consultant can give you a broader perspective and lead you to find new ways to solve complex problems or provide your organisation with an expert voice.

We can offer:

  • specialist opinion;
  • technical and professional advice; and
  • due diligence.

We welcome expressions of interest from groups and businesses who would like to work with us. For more information, contact us by email with a brief description of your project or needs:

Industry collaboration funding

Collaborative funding with partners we actively seek out helps us to speed up and maximise the real world impact of our research.

These relationships help us to open up dialogues with partners outside the University, strategically align our work with your future direction and inform your policy and practice.

Do you have a project in mind? Email us with a brief description and see if we can help by developing a research project to match your needs.

Events and speakers

Would you like one of our postgraduate researchers to address your colleagues at an event? Present on their research as a speaker? Participate in engagement activities with Higher Education for your college or school? Let us know:

Partnership examples

Our PhD and Professional Doctorate students are key players in a range of research projects.  The projects exchange knowledge with and provide policy advice and tools for non-academic organisations and businesses.

Here are just a few examples: