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If you are applying for an undergraduate course your application must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS):

Applying through UCAS

You can apply to UCAS from 1 September for entry in Autumn the following year.  The normal closing date for receipt of applications is 15 January, after which you can apply through UCAS Extra.

If you are including Oxford or Cambridge, or programmes leading to a professional qualification in Medicine or Dentistry, in your choices then the closing date is 15 October in the year prior to entry.

Application process

Once you have applied, your application will be forwarded to the School’s Recruitment and Admissions team for consideration. For all of our undergraduate courses, we focus on four main factors:

  • Your predicted examination results, if you have examinations still to sit
  • Your existing qualifications
  • Your personal statement
  • Your references

Your qualifications

It is important to provide as much information as you can when you apply. For example, if you’re sitting your A-Level exams in the spring but you have achieved another type of qualification already, make sure you tell us about it in your application. There’s a space where you can put these qualifications on the UCAS application form and you could also tell us about them in your personal statement.

Personal statement

When writing your personal statement we recommend you consider:

  • Why you want to study the course you’re applying for
  • Any voluntary or paid work you have done outside your studies
  • Your career aspirations
  • Why you enjoy the subjects you’re taking at school
  • If you’re joining us some time after leaving school, let us know about your professional experience

Further information


Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 0969

Contact the SEED undergraduate recruitment and admissions team for more information:

  • Nicola Allard - Undergraduate Admissions Officer
  • Emma Curran - Undergraduate Admissions Officer
  • Heather Gomes - Undergraduate Admissions Officer
  • Leann Finch - Admissions Assistant