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School of Environment, Education and Development

Chris Ruddy

BSc (Hons) Geography with International Study

Chris Ruddy - BSc (Hons) Geography with International Study

Why did you choose Manchester?

With offers from other good unis like UCL and St Andrews, it was a tough choice! In the end I went for Manchester because of its very strong reputation yet down-to-earth atmosphere, and of course the opportunity to study abroad for an entire year!

The complete flexibility at Manchester was also a great pull factor - I'm a BSc student and I've specialised mainly in hydrology, but that hasn't stopped me from taking other interesting courses where I've been able to explore European cities or global migration, for example. Also, I knew that a trip to Keswick before Welcome Week would be a great chance to meet other students (and staff) right from the word 'go'. Aside from the course, Manchester seemed like a really exciting city to live in.

Why did you chose Geography with International Study?

It seemed silly not to. Having this opportunity meant that I would be able to study for an extra year at another great institution - in my case the University of British Columbia, Vancouver - including courses with specialist geographers that may be very different from the ones in Manchester. Also, I knew it would be a chance to be immersed in a whole new and exciting culture at the same time. I knew I'd be able to travel in my spare time as well as becoming really great friends with both Canadians and other international students from all over the world. I also considered it a real challenge that would ultimately make me more employable.

Fondest memory of your overseas experience?

Learning to Ski in Whistler? A road trip in the Canadian Rockies? California? Making great friends from 5 continents? Living and studying in one of the world's most stunning university campuses? It's too hard to decide!

How have you found returning to Manchester after a year overseas (including entering into a new year group)?

Although I miss Canada, it's been good to be back. Having a whole extra year to develop academically has been useful for the dissertation and tackling final year modules, mainly by being able to draw on a wider base of knowledge and experience that I would not have otherwise had. There's a strong community feel amongst everyone who went away for the year, which is great. It's also nice to meet people in the new year group.

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to dinner, who would it be and why?

I suppose I should think of a really inspirational geographer, but as a bit of a foodie I'd probably invite someone who could cook a really great dinner; so either Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson.