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IDPM Research

Positively influencing governments, international development agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and corporate actors, at IDPM our research directly shapes public attitudes and values.

We work to secure both organisational and social change by directly influencing the strategies, policies and practices of a broad range of public and private agencies, aiming to improve levels of wellbeing and social justice for marginalised and poor groups. We explore new and emerging concepts from across the social sciences, and at the highest international level, our research contributes to the theoretical and empirical development of theory and policy.

Indicators of the quality of IDPM's research confirm the Institute's reputation as a centre of research excellence in the field of international development. The results of the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) ranked IDPM first in a Research Power ranking in Development Studies, with many of our researchers deemed to be “world-leading”.

Research in IDPM is organised around ten themes:

  • Development informatics
  • Enterprise, technology and finance
  • Environment and development
  • Global urbanism
  • Humanitarianism and development
  • Organisations in development
  • Poverty and social justice
  • Social theory and development histories
  • State-society relations
  • Global production networks, trade and labour

IDPM’s research is driven by both the academic and policy-related interests of individual researchers, and the activities of interdisciplinary research groups and centres from across SEED and The University.

Researchers have sufficient independence and resource to pursue important ideas and issues that lie outside our present major themes.

The Institute also hosts a number of world-class research centres focusing on key areas of development policy.

Well respected across the academic community, all our staff members have an international reputation in providing research, consultancy, and policy analysis to governments, NGOs and international organisations, and are committed to promoting economic and social development, primarily within lower-income countries and for disadvantaged groups.

IDPM image of a woman working the ground near a tree in Africa

At IDPM, our research directly shapes public attitudes and values