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School of Environment, Education and Development

SEED academic awarded Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Leadership Fellowship

8 September 2017

Dr Saskia Warren, Lecturer in Human Geography, has become the first staff member in the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED) to secure the prestigious AHRC Leadership Fellowship.

Dr Saskia Warren

The Fellowship scheme provides time for research leaders to undertake focused individual research, alongside collaborative activities which have the potential to generate a transformative impact on their subject area and beyond.

Dr Warren's Fellowship award of £217,000 will be used to develop a project on the roles and impact of Muslim women in three distinct spaces of the UK cultural and creative economy: digital media, fashion and art galleries. 

Overall, it will provide an assessment of faith and gender as social markers that impact upon socio-spatial pathways into and performance of creative labour in these sub- sectors, which have received relatively little attention by arts and humanities scholars and social scientists. In doing so, it will develop innovative research on Muslim creative labour, drawing on and developing recent work in geographies of creative labour, diversity and religion.

The empirical research and impact are concentrated on metropolitan areas of Greater Manchester and Leeds-Bradford with large ethnic minority communities, including British Muslim communities, and cultural and creative economy clusters. In focusing on advancing understanding on how to foster creative opportunities and employment outside of London and the South East, the project seeks to address social and spatial inequalities in the sector that are deeply geographically uneven.

Dr Warren said: "I'm really delighted to have won this award.

"It enables a period of focused work undertaken with schools, youth groups and The Whitworth Art Gallery in order to highlight the important work Muslim women are contributing to culture and the economy in the UK, and beyond."

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