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School of Environment, Education and Development

Global Development Institute staff

Find out more about our staff and visit their profile pages for further information. A number of our researchers offer PhD supervision, find out more about some of our PhD supervisors. 

Academic staff

Teaching and research associates

  • Dr Fortunate Machingura - Global Challenge Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  • Dr Eleni Sifaki - Research Associate
  • Dr Lujia Feng - Senior Tutor in MGD.
  • Dr Martin M Gazimbi - Research Fellow
  • Dr Roshan Adhikari - Research Associate, FutureDAMS
  • Dr Barnaby Dye - Research Associate, FutureDAMS
  • Dr Pon Souvannaseng- Research Associate, FutureDAMS

Professional Support Services staff

  • Kat Bethell - Research Administrative Assistant, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre
  • Julia Brunt - Programme Manager, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre
  • Clare Degenhardt - Editorial Administrator, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre
  • Katherine Hall - Project Manager
  • Peter Jacobs - PGT Programme Administrator (Social Development and Human Resource Development programmes)
  • Chris Jordan - Communications and Impact Manager
  • Emma Kelly - Digital Communications Officer 
  • Rowena Harding - Research Communications Officer
  • Kerry Mccann - Institute Manager
  • Julie Rafferty - Finance Administrator
  • Adam Randon - Programme Manager, Future DAMS
  • Kate Robinson – Senior Programmes Officer (Applied and Distance Learning) GDI Distance Learning Programmes
  • James Starr – PGT Programme Administrator (Development Informatics Group and Management, Governance and Development programmes & Development Economics & Public Policy programme)
  • Shirley Thomasson - Departmental Support Administrator
  • Anna Webster - Communications and Uptake Manager, Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre

Honorary and visiting fellows

View a list of our honorary and visiting fellows:

Current PhD students

View a list of our current PhD students: