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Fadi Shayya

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Fadi Shayya

I am a candidate for a PhD in Architecture and a graduate teaching assistant at The University of Manchester.

My research on militarization investigates what is 'urban' about urban warfare through studying the material semiotics of U.S. military vehicular technology - specifically, MRAPs - circulating from the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan back to police forces in the U.S.


Previous education

  • MA Theories of Urban Practice (Honours), 2016, The New School
  • Master of Urban Design (with committee praise), 2007, American University of Beirut
  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, 2002, Beirut Arab University

Thesis title

Material Politics of De/Militarization: Transfer of Military Technology and the Scripting of the Urban


Research interests

Trained as an architect-urbanist, my current research interests include militarization, transfer of technology, the architectural, the urban, vehicular speed, becoming and sociotechnical relations.

My previous research and practice experience intersect architectural design, public space, master planning, information design and creative project management.

Recent publications

  • 2017d. “This Is the Age of the Architectural, Not Architecture.” Poster presented at the PhD & Early Career Workshop “Doing Architectural Research: Socio-political Perspectives on Theories, Methodologies & Praxis,” University of Cambridge, June.
  • 2017c. “The Becoming-Military of Technology & the Becoming-Urban of the Military — MRAP Sociotechnical Relations.” Poster presented at the SEED PGR Conference 2017, The University of Manchester, May.
  • 2017b. “Narrating MRAP Stories.” Talk presented at the Planning and Environmental Management + Architecture PGR Seminars, The University of Manchester, May.
  • 2017a. “Strangely Familiar! Or, What the Smell of Grease Revealed about My Curious Self.” Conference Presentation presented at the 3rd PhD By Design Conference - “Idea of Self in Research,” The University of Sheffield, April.
  • 2016c. “Refuge and the Territoriality of Habitation: A Critical Inquiry.” Conference Presentation presented at the Anthropology Graduate Student Conference - “Refuge,” The New School, April.
  • 2016b. “Failing Imaginaries and Translations: How the MRAPs Save and Fail the US Military in the Middle East.” Conference Presentation presented at the Graduate Student Conference on the Middle East and North Africa, The New School, April.
  • 2016a. “Leave No MRAP Behind: Geographies of Delegation, Militarization and Urbanism in the U.S.” Panel Presentation presented at the American Association of Geographers 2016 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March.