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Community Mapping Project

The Community Mapping Project was initiated by the Joint Health Unit of Manchester City Council in September 2004. The project will run for two years and is being undertaken by Chris Perkins Senior Lecturer of Geography at the School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester, and Anna Thomson, who is employed as researcher on the project.

Community Mapping is a reaction against:

  • badly designed maps;
  • top down mapping reflecting the needs of decision makers rather than people;
  • the dominant role of the private motor car in cities;
  • unhealthy lifestyles;
  • a consultancy culture that values product over process.

We aim to bring people back in to mapping by initiating community involvement in the creation of new maps of the city of Manchester, as part of an ongoing mapping process.

The aims are to design maps that:

  • encourage participation in healthier lifestyles;
  • document the state of existing infrastructure;
  • can influence key decision makers by presenting relevant, focused and well visualized information about the city.

Amongst the themes these maps will address are:

  • cycling;
  • walking;
  • leisure facilities;

We recognise that a single map will rarely be an adequate representation and instead will be publishing many different themes, scales, and designs, available in different formats. These will comprise a mixture of paper maps, maps served as files from web sites and interactive mapping.

This site will serve as a portal to give access to web-served mapping and to other relevant resources.

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The Community Mapping Project is sponsored by the Joint Health Unit of Manchester City Council