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School of Environment, Education and Development

Knowledge Exchange Fellowships

Knowledge Exchange Fellowships are a way of involving others. Whether they are academics, consultants or policymakers, these fellowships help to make SEED internationally recognised as an interdisciplinary centre of excellence for research and teaching.

Our Knowledge Exchange Fellowships reflect our strong commitment to ensuring that our research has an influence beyond academia and to social responsibility.

Our partners

David Rudlin - Knowledge Exchange Fellow
Wolfson prize winner David Rudlin proposed the expansion of a number of towns with 'garden city' extensions.

Knowledge Exchange Fellows will normally be drawn from SEED’s key institutional partners, including:

  • governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental agencies from local to international levels,
  • international development agencies, and 
  • businesses and schools.

Our partners are invited to work closely with academic colleagues in SEED in ways that help extend their networks, influence and understanding of the research policy and practice interface.  

They also engage with our students to help advance both our employability agenda and student recruitment.

Institutional relationships

These forms of engagement can also help develop institutional relationships with important partners.   In return, Knowledge Exchange Fellows will gain space to critically reflect on their work at the interface of research, policy and practice.  

They can also potentially become involved in co-producing research with academic colleagues and benefit from immersion in a vibrant intellectual environment.

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If you are interested in becoming a Knowledge Exchange Fellow, get in touch: