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School of Environment, Education and Development

Partner with SEED

Our staff and students partner with businesses and communities locally and internationally to support their research and teaching, to mutual benefit.

There are a number of ways in which we partner with businesses, communities and organisations in the public, private and third sectors.


Including a range of products and services developed by staff during research projects, which have been spun-off and are now available commercially. The award winning Ketso is a good example.


Research commissioned by businesses of different types who wish to employ academic staff and research students in the evaluation of projects or identifying key future trends. Dr Richard Kingston’s Tell us Toolkit, is a good example.

Collaborative research

Professional woman mentoring students
We work closely with businesses, such as ARUP, to enhance our research and develop our students.

Examples include jointly financed studentships on issues that are of interest both to the academic member of staff and the business partner.

We also consider jointly financed research initiatives involving programmes of research.

In the past, we have worked closely with ARUP, for example, on a number of CASE PhD Studentships and student mentoring schemes.

Professional development

Every year the School graduates 3600 students at the undergraduate and graduate level who are supported financially by their employees. These can be charities, consultancies, government departments and schools – we work in partnership with organisations to up-skill their workforce.