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School of Environment, Education and Development

Evolving research

Academics within the SEED work with schools in order to better understand and support education.

Current work


Inclusive is a school-led intervention that aims to improve behaviour, reduce bullying and improve social and emotional skills.

It has three main elements:

  • all school staff are trained in managing behaviour
  • year 8 pupils receive a social and emotional learning curriculum
  • a school action group involving students and staff reviews data on needs, makes changes to school policies and rules to improve relationships at school and reduce disruptive behaviour.

An external facilitator supports these changes over two years, with the aim that the school will maintain the programme independently thereafter.

Researchers in the School of Education, Environment and Development working with colleagues at the London Institute of Education and more than 40 secondary schools in England to examine whether the Inclusive intervention is effective in managing behaviour and improving academic attainment.

For more information, contact principle investigator Dr Michael Wigelsworth.