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Manchester Institute of Education

Emma Ashworth

Previous education and experience

Prior to my role at the University of Manchester, I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology in Education at Lancaster University. I then went on to work in the intervention room of a primary school; working with at-risk and vulnerable children.

Thesis title

Evaluating the Differential Effects of Cumulative Risk on the Outcomes of a Universal Schools-Based Intervention (The Good Behaviour Game).


Neil Humphrey and Ann Lendrum

Research details

I am aiming to identify the risk factors that can contribute to primary school children having academic and behavioural difficulties. I will then look at the impact that being exposed to multiple risk factors has on these children’s school functioning; this is known as the cumulative risk effect.

I will also be investigating the effect of a universal, school-based, preventive intervention known as the Good behaviour Game, and will be looking at any differential effects that this has on the outcomes of at-risk children. Finally, I will be looking at how the implementation of this intervention moderates any outcomes. 

Research interests

Preventive interventions, educational disadvantage, special educational needs.

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