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Manchester Institute of Education

I-Jung Grace Lu

Previous education / experience

  • Bachelor of Education, Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University: Major in Education; Minor in English, Special Education
  • MA in Education (International), School of Education, University of Manchester

Thesis title

The Role of Social Network Sites (SNSs) in Providing Support for Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Taiwan


Research details

My research examines the use of social network sites (SNSs) for receiving and providing support among parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) in Taiwan. I explore the influence of SNSs on power relation and control of knowledge among parents and professionals. I examine the topic through a two-phased research design using qualitative methods, including web-based observations and interviews. I investigate different types of SNS-based support for parents of children with SEN from an East Asian culture aspect. My research will provide an important opportunity to deepen the understanding of parents’ support within SNSs within the current gap of the literature which is mostly based in Western context.

Research interests

  • Inclusive education
  • Social Network Sites
  • Parents’ support
  • Children with special educational needs

Recent publications

  • Pan, Y. & Lu, I. (2011). Nature? Environment? Gender difference and the education for gifted student. Chinese Association of Gifted Education, 37, 1-6. (in Traditional Chinese-Mandarin)
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