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Manchester Institute of Education

Jessica Heal

Previous education and experience

Jessica Heal
  • BA (hons) French and History The University of Sheffield
  • PGCE (MFL) Sheffield Hallam University
  • MA Education (Teach First) The University of Manchester
  • Senior Research Officer (Qualitative) at Teach First

Thesis title

An exploration into peer popularity in schools serving low socio-economic communities and how it maps onto online and offline experiences.


Research details

The research will develop our understanding of how female students in schools serving low-socioeconomic areas are affected by peer popularity. This will draw on concepts of femininity, identity, power and class to understand how social status manifests itself both online and offline contexts. I aim to conduct qualitative research using visual research methods, interviews and focus groups to understand student experience of popularity in an educational setting.

Research interests

  • Gender
  • Feminism
  • Identity
  • Power 
  • Control
  • Class
  • Intersectionality
  • Social media
  • Digital sociology and anthropology
  • Michel Foucault
  • Judith Butler
  • Visual research methods

Recent publications

  • Presented at the ESRC Innovative Methods in Educational Inequality Conference November 2014. More details
  • Heal, J.F., 'We only hold the keys to the gallery': research methods with children and young people', Warwick Exchanges Journal, April 2015. More details

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