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Manchester Institute of Education

Khairul Farhah Khairuddin

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Previous education/experience   

  • Master of Special Education - University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Bachelor of Education with Honours (Special Education) - Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Thesis title     

Inclusion of deaf pupils in Malaysia: Stakeholder voices in three distinct educational settings


Research details       

Little research has been carried out to investigate the current status of the education of deaf children in Malaysia. Historically deaf children have been educated in segregated settings where communication through sign language has been the norm. Most deaf students are educated either in residential schools for the deaf or special education units in mainstream schools, known as the Special Education Integration Program (SEIP). Recent advances in audiological technology and specialist knowledge have enabled deaf children to use audition far more effectively. Since their introduction in the 1960s, services to support children’s audiological and speech needs in Malaysia have improved. With these advances, an increasing number of deaf children have started to develop spoken language, rather than only communicating using sign language, which has enabled deaf children to be educated alongside their hearing peers. Therefore there is a need to research the experiences of school stakeholders such as the school leaders, teachers and parents, including children themselves, who are directly involved in the experience of deaf children’s education in mainstream schools and classrooms, including the SEIPs.   

Research interests 

  • Deaf Education
  • Inclusive Education 

Recent publications     

  • Khairuddin, K.F., Dally, K. and Foggett, J. (2015). Promoting inclusive education: Collaboration between general and special education teachers in Malaysia. In 8th Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress. Lisbon. 
  • Toran, H., Khairuddin, K.F. and Mohd Razali, N.S.H. (2015). Siri Pendidikan Autisme: Modul urus diri [Autism Education Series: Self-governance Modules], Standard Chartered Foundation: Bangi.