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Manchester Institute of Education

Kirsty Frearson

Previous education / experience

I completed my undergraduate degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Northampton. Before my role at the University of Manchester I supported vulnerable children as an academic mentor for the SEND department of a secondary school.

Thesis title

Evaluating the differential gains of a universal school-based preventive intervention for children eligible for Free School Meals.


Research details

Using multilevel modelling I will determine whether the school-based intervention called the Good Behaviour Game reduces disruptive behaviour in children eligible for free school meals. I will then expand the model to see if school-level poverty, ie high percentages of free school meal uptake moderates the reductions in disruption at the child level. Finally I will investigate the effects of school level poverty on teacher’s implementation of the Good Behaviour Game.

Research interests

Universal preventive interventions, educational disadvantage, multilevel modelling, & socio-economic mobility.

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