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Manchester Institute of Education

Lina Efthyvoulou

Previous education / experience

  • MSc Mental Health: Psychological therapies - Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • BSc (Honours) Psychology [BPS accredited] - Open University, UK Social Sciences Cert. - Open University, UK

Thesis title

Narrative realms in psychosis: Experiences of psychosis explored through first-person narratives and implications for Counselling Psychology clinical practice and research


Research details

The aim of this research study is to gain a deeper insight into the meaning and experiences of psychosis through published first-person narratives. Published personal stories provide us with peoples’ subjective lived experiences of psychosis and their process of recovery. Valuing the personal stories to the lived experiences and beliefs of people with psychosis can provide us with an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs to build a therapeutic alliance, and have engagement in therapy (Dudley et al., 2008). This research aims also to further inform the Counselling Psychology research and ultimately improve the health care quality of practice, in order to humanise the experiences of individuals with psychosis.

Two different methods of narrative analysis will take place for the following stories by using the Holistic-content and Categorical-content analysis of the Lieblich, Tuval-Masiach, & Zilber (1998) perspective.

In this research study, clinical and research implications will be further discussed as they relate to the counselling psychology profession and how we work with individuals who experience psychosis. Counselling Psychology practice can also be developed further based on the lived subjective experiences such as loss, social/family difficulties, in order to develop new therapeutic interventions based on its humanistic values. Further research would afford Counselling Psychology the opportunity to enrich its understanding of psychosis and to develop a deeper understanding of those interpersonal and systemic processes that impact sufferers.

Research interests

  • Psychosis experiences
  • Personal stories
  • Narrative analysis
  • Lived experiences storytelling
  • Thematic analysis

Recent Publications

  • A qualitative exploration of perceived schizophrenia experiences: A systematic review by Lina Efthyvoulou
  • Poster presented at the University of Manchester Professional Doctorate Counselling Psychology Trainees -May 2016

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