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Manchester Institute of Education

Salih Tuzer

Previous education/experience

Salih Tuzer
  • MS Education, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-2011       
  • BA Religious and Moral Education, Marmara University, 2003-2007

Thesis title

Religious education in Turkey: A case study


Research details

My research seeks to explore how students experience and perceive religious education courses in Turkish schools and how they understand the incongruity between the state’s spiritual and moral position, as articulated through religious education in schools and their personal understanding of Turkish religious identity as experienced at home and in out-of-school settings. The study will endeavour to understand the underlying dynamics that impact students' moral and religious awareness, as well as explore the conceptions of students and their significant others - parents and teachers - about the affiliation between the religious education curriculum in state-controlled schools and the Turkish religious identity.

Research interests

  • Religious education
  • Moral education
  • Islamic education
  • Character education

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