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Manchester Institute of Education

Tiffany Wing Sum, Leung

Contact details

Previous education/experience 

  • MA in Counselling - University of Nottingham
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology - University of York
  • Two years (full-time) as a counsellor/assistant student development officer 

Thesis title

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of Hong Kong counselling professionals' views on counselling: A contextual perspective on theory and philosophy.


Research details

The current study aims to empirically explore Hong Kong counselling psychology and relating mental health services' theoretical and philosophical foundation. 2 major local counselling service providers, social workers and clinical psychologists will give the narrative account of their practice experiences and the underlying theoretical/epistemological influences.

Research interests

  • Culture
  • Multicultural/intercultural/cross-cultural/transcultural counselling
  • Indigenous psychology.