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Manchester Institute of Education


Sample of publications related to the STL programme

The following are selected publications that authors have reported to be at least in part attributable to their participation in the programme:

  • Bennett D, Solomon Y, Bergin C, Horgan M, & Dornan T. Figuring Doctor Identities. Submission to Advances in Health Sciences Education planned for 2014
  • Choudry-Qasim, S. & Williams, J. (2012). A critical appraisal of Holland et al.’s (1998) appropriation of Bourdieu. Presented at ECER. Cadiz, Spain.
  • Courtney, S. (under review) Post-Panopticism and school inspection in England. Submitted to the British Journal of Sociology of Education.
  • Farnsworth VL; Higham JJS (2012) “'Teachers who teach their practice: the modulation of hybridised professional teacher identities in work-related educational programmes in Canada'”, Journal of Education and Work. 25.4: 473-505.
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  • Hernandez-Martinez, P., Williams, J., Black, L., Davis, P., Pampaka, M. and Wake, G. (2011) Students’ views on their transition from School to College mathematics: rethinking “transition” as an issue of identity. Research in Mathematics Education, 13(2), 119 – 131.
  • Hill, E. & Vaughan, S. (2013) The only girl in the room: how paradigmatic trajectories deter female students from surgical careers. Medical Education: 47(6) pp.547-556.
  • Hill, EJR, Bowman, KA, Stalmeijer, RE, Solomon Y, Dornan T. (2014) Can I cut it? Medical students’ perceptions of surgeons and surgical careers. American Journal of Surgery (In press).
  • Kislov, R. (2013). Boundary discontinuity in a constellation of interconnected practices: The case of a large-scale healthcare knowledge mobilization initiative. Public Administration(published online before print).
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