Drew Whitworth and Neny Isharyanti

Neny's thesis is entitled 'Actors and their relationships in a network of virtual learning community of practice: What works and not in a context of an Indonesian higher education institution'.


Drew Whitworth

What are the areas in which you most like to supervise?

Most of all, I like to supervise topics around how people take decisions that impact upon the use of technology for teaching and learning, and how we make good judgements with regard to technology and learning. It is often called 'information literacy' or 'digital literacy'. The contexts I tend to focus on are those of Higher Education and the workplace.

Why do you enjoy supervising Neny?

She's only in her first year of her PhD but she articulates complex ideas and reflects critically on her topic. By the time you come to do a PhD, you are the researcher. I'm the supervisor who is there to offer guidance, critique and suggest ideas but the student should not be told how to do things. Neny doesn't wait to be told what to do or think. She uses our conversations to build her own ideas herself and is devoted to understanding problems. A PhD is the best chance you will ever get to focus on one topic. You will never get that time back – in fact, I'm envious!


Neny Isharyanti

What's your research about?

I’m looking at pre-service teachers' identity. Specifically, I’m focussing on technological and pedagogical knowledge. Teachers have to conform to many discourses from government and schools, and I'm asking 'how do they form their teacher and student-teacher identities?'.

What's it like to be supervised by Drew at the Manchester Institute of Education?

My main supervisor, Drew, has so many ideas! In my past experience as a research student I felt a little isolated but with Drew I can say 'I feel a bit lost' and he says things like 'why don’t you look at it from this perspective?'. I find this very helpful. He is also very responsive to what I want. For example, I recently expressed my desire to write a short draft for one of my chapters, because I wanted to manage my thoughts on my readings, and he let me do it and provided some useful suggestions for revisions.