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Critical Pedagogies and Maths Education (CPME)

The research activity of the 'Critical pedagogies' thematic research programme focuses on curriculum and pedagogy across the field of education from a critical perspective.

The many teachers and scholars active in this theme have close involvement in investigating and researching practices of learning, teaching and assessment. There is active interest in research in classroom practice, inquiry based learning, and lesson study. There are significant strengths in mathematics education, and interdisciplinary science and mathematics, but also significant projects related to technology, science, and English.

But the theme also has strong theoretical interests, particularly in sociocultural and cultural-historical theory, and furthers its theoretical work through the Sociocultural Theory Interest Group.

In the recent REF period research grants (total funding of £1.1m) included four highly graded ESRC funded projects (£985k): Mathematics Learning, identity and educational practice: the transition to higher education (RES-062-23-1213), Mathematics teaching and learning in secondary schools: the impact of pedagogic practices on important learning outcomes (RES-061-25-0538), Mathematics learning, identity and educational practice: the transition into post-compulsory education (RES-000-22-2890), a follow on project: Promoting participation and engagement in post-compulsory mathematics education for STEM (RES-189-25-0235).

This team also led on an ESRC seminar series that interconnected their projects with wider concerns about critical pedagogies, Developing a ‘how things work’ research agenda in education (RES-451-26-0576). This underpins an emerging cluster of research around Critical Pedagogies from researchers across the MIE. Activity has several strands regarding assessment, pedagogy, and digital literacies and learning in schools, colleges and higher education, total funding of £373k. Significantly this activity secured funding from the ESRC (RES-069-25-0008) for the Teacher Education Research Network (TERN) project in order to build research capacity in the North West of England, and ESRC Seminar Series (RES-451-26-0880) Workplace learning in teacher education. 

For greater detail on these and other projects related to critical pedagogy, please see our Projects page.

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