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Manchester Institute of Education

Disadvantage and Poverty (DP)

The focus of the DP research group is in examining how educational policy and practice, in the context of wider challenges of poverty, can become more equitable for those educationally disadvantaged.

The research of the thematic research group can, therefore, be seen as a response to three questions:

  1. Who is disadvantaged in education systems, and in what ways?
  2. Why and how does educational disadvantage arise and how is poverty implicated?
  3. What can be done to overcome educational disadvantage?

Our work is therefore characterized by a commitment to make things educationally better, fairer, and more equitable.

As such, group members are not only involved in researching these questions but also actively engaged with policy-makers and practitioners in applied settings – schools, local authorities, and regional bodies.

In addition, we are affiliated to the Manchester Urban Institute, which brings together scholars working on urban infrastructure, politics, governance, planning and environment, and where we make a particular contribution to work on urban spatial inequalities and poverty.


Academic Staff

Research Staff

Affiliated staff

  • Professor Helen Colley
  • Professor Lorna Unwin

PhD/EdD students

  • Martina Street
  • Claire Forbes