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Colleagues tell their stories from our Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education.


Alumni quotes

The following are quotes from participants about their experience on the programme:

The PG Cert in Higher Education is intended as a form of professional development, allowing participants to understand their role and develop their work. This proved to be the case for me. It gave me space to more fully investigate ongoing projects occupying me in the course of my regular work, and encouraged me to a greater depth of research and clarity of understanding than would otherwise have been the case. Above all, it has given me a new perspective on higher education and what we should aim to achieve with our students.

Paul Smith / Head of Student Support Services, School of Social Sciences

The course stimulated me to learn more about key concepts, latest trends, and practices in higher education, and to reflect upon the implications for my own research, teaching and professional roles. Instructors and participants were all highly engaged, with many opportunities for exchange and discussion with colleagues from across the university, making the course enjoyable as well as productive.

Philip Shapira / Professor of Innovation, Management and Policy, Alliance Manchester Business School

What’s my take-home message? If you’re involved in running, teaching on, or considering designing a course or programme, then this certificate programme is for you. Despite years teaching on a masters’ programme, the course discussions, guided by highly skilled facilitators, opened up my thinking to why the university even exists, what it’s for, and why or why not to charge students for their education.

Roger Harrison / Senior Lecturer, Institute of Population Health

As a PSS member of staff I thought it was excellent that the course was open to both PSS and academics but was a bit apprehensive about whether there would be a noticeable distinction between the two groups in class. This has not been the case. I am thoroughly enjoying the programme as it providing a space to learn and understand theories around higher education as well as current debates and, more importantly, to relate these back to my own job. The lectures are lively, engaging and informative. A key issue in making this such a positive experience has been that the members of the programme team are extremely enthusiastic, supportive and approachable – they want you to succeed.

Siobhan Cartwright / Teaching and Learning Manager and Lead for Social Responsibility, Manchester Medical School

There cannot possibly be a better way to understand teaching than to be a learner yourself again. This course has been so incredibly valuable. As you’d expect, the staff are utterly knowledgeable and approachable and the sessions well delivered and enjoyable. Moreover, the opportunity to share ideas and insights with colleagues from across the University has been priceless. The neat bit is that you can structure your learning and assessment around your current working practice and duties. Beyond the qualification, the PGCert is a genuine personal development opportunity that causes much valuable self-reflection.

Jennifer O'Brien / Lecturer in Human Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development

The PG Cert has given me a deeper understanding of Higher Education and I have been able to apply much of what I have learnt in my role as a lecturer and Programme Director. It was clear that efforts had been made to select a cohort from a range of backgrounds and who are engaged in a wide diversity of roles. The discussions were always lively - I certainly wouldn’t say that everyone always agreed with each other, but it was refreshing to hear different opinions and find out more about other people’s experiences. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, but the PG Cert provided me with an excellent opportunity to engage with other people who are passionate about higher education. I would certainly recommend it.

Anna Goatman / Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Alliance Manchester Business School