Jinxuan Song

Jinxuan Song, originally from China, is studying MA International Education. Here she discusses what inspired her to join the course and her top tips for anyone following in her footsteps.

On my inspiration for studying a master’s course

Jinxuan Song

Under the influence of my teacher, who is devoted to language training, I developed great interest in English and admired the job of teaching since a very young age. With such admiration for this profession, I volunteered to be a teacher in Thailand, where the sense of achievement I got from witnessing my students’ progress brought about by my own teaching methods enhanced my belief that working in the education field is worth lifelong devotion. 

However, though I had equipped myself with plenty of English knowledge, my experience of teaching made me realize the gaps in my knowledge of education, so I decided to pursue my master's degree.  For international students, studying abroad is a big decision, so I tried to gather as much information as I could.

On what stood out to me about the course at Manchester

The MA International Education at The University of Manchester gives students opportunities to engage in various educational theories, ideas and concepts in an international context and put them into practice.

According to the alumni who took this programme, the courses are taught by world-leading researchers and they are really patient and always willing to help students.

Studying in a big city like Manchester, full of opportunities, will broaden my horizons, offering me chances to be exposed to different cultures and people.

Due to the increasingly competitive job market in China, getting a diploma from world-renowned university is always valued by companies, and Manchester is one of the most favoured universities by employers, so I believe this course is my best fit. 

On my advice for anyone applying for my course

First, a satisfactory GPA allows you to have more choices when applying, so keep working hard during your undergraduate years.

Second, finding education-related internships is a good choice during winter/summer break. This course introduces various theories and concepts and the experience gained from an internship will allow you to understand those better.

Third, for international students, it’s never too early to prepare for language proficiency tests. Last year, due to the COVID-19 situation, many IELTS tests were cancelled, so many applicants had to take other kinds of tests to prove themselves, which requires more time and energy. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so get things down as early as possible.