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About us

The Cities, Politics, Economies research group is orientated by a shared concern to develop innovative ways of theorising and understanding contemporary urban, political and economic challenges.

From analysing the construction and performance of urban identities and economies, to the nature and mobility of policy and politics, the group develops original understandings of how cities, economies, and political practices are assembled, mobilised, mediated and governed, from the experiences of everyday life to iconic buildings and extraordinary spaces. 

Our research addresses the following primary themes and issues: 

  • The changing nature of urban life, urban politics, and urban policy.
  • Political economy at varying spatial scales, including labour relations, Global Production Networks, and resource geographies.
  • Geographies of migration and mobility, including mobilities of policy, people, and finance. 
  • The politics of sovereignty, devolution, and urban and regional governance.
  • Geographies of social justice, equality, and rights.

The work of the group is focused on international workshops, departmental seminars and the development of research conversations through reading groups, presentations and discussions of 'research challenges'.    

The research synergies developed by the Cities, Politics, Economies research group form a key part of the Manchester Urban Institute, drawing together expertise in critical urbanism and urban research from across The University of Manchester.  

The research developed through the Cities, Politics, Economies research group also complements the University’s wider expertise in Global Production Networks (the Global Production Networks, Labour and Trade research group), consumption (Sustainable Consumption Institute), political theory (the Political Horizons research cluster) and cultural change (the ESRC-funded Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change).

Members of the group collaborate extensively with national and international colleagues, and our work has been supported by the British Academy, DFID, ESRC, European Commission, European Research Council, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Leverhulme Trust.

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