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Researchers from the Cities, Politics, Economies Research Group have a long track record of collaborating widely with both academic and non-academic partners.

Nationally and internationally, scholars from Cities, Politics, Economies have worked with a broad range of organisations to develop, undertake and disseminate innovative and informative research. At present, our members work with international bodies such as the United Nations Cities Programme, the European Union and European Social Platform, and the International Transport Workers Federation.  We also work with national groups such as the Refugee Council, Regional Strategic Migration Partnerships, the UK Arts Council, and local authorities such as Birmingham City Council and Manchester City Council.

The research of Cities, Politics, Economies also has a substantial presence in public policy discussions and has significant impact beyond academia. Our work has influenced public policy on devolution and energy at national and international levels, we are active in submitting evidence to Parliamentary inquiries and informing the work of third sector organisations, and our members have provided expert commentary for media outlets across the world.

Collaboration examples