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A photograph of a built up city on the coast

Society and Environment Research Group (SERG)

The Society and Environment Research Group (SERG) is a group of internationally recognised geography scholars at The University of Manchester.

Our research is focused on environment-society relations and we influence a wide range of social, political, and environmental contexts.

Research themes

  • Understanding and reducing people’s vulnerability to environmental insecurity;
  • Identifying feasible and socially just means of altering systems of water supply, energy supply and everyday commodity provision;
  • Unpacking and advancing the politics and practices of sustainability transitions in contemporary urban contexts;
  • Theorising the society-nature nexus;
  • Theorising and substantiating the urban process as a contested assemblage of entangled social and physical processes; and
  • Interrogating the political and spatial challenges associated with on-going transformations of the global energy system in response to climate change and security challenges.