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Creating impact

Researchers from SERG are committed to creating academic and societal impact through our research projects, and work extensively with academic and non-academic partners.

We work with a range of partners from:

  • policy and government (eg DEFRA, Environment Agency);
  • local authorities and regional councils (eg Somerset County Council, Manchester City Council);
  • businesses (eg Unilever, Water Industries, geosciences and the mining industry, architects and developers, planners, fishing industry);
  • NGOs (eg WWF-UK); and
  • grass roots and community organisations (eg farming communities and bodies, alternative food movements).

Our research focus is as local as Manchester and Salford in the UK but is also truly international - with projects across Europe, UAE, China, Australia, Africa (Ethiopia and sub-Saharan), Falklands, Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa and the US.

This is supported by a range of international visiting professorships and fellowships of our research staff, and involvement in a range editorial and advisory boards, think tanks and ambassador programs.

Case study

Creating impact in Greater Manchester through the Manchester Cycling Lab

Photograph of the Wilmslow Road corridor showing dedicated cycle paths
Dedicated cycle paths run along the Wilmslow Road corridor heading towards The University of Manchester

A number of staff from SERG (Evans, Schliwa) are involved in the Manchester Cycling Lab in collaboration with Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and local businesses. The goal of the Manchester Cycling Lab was to turn Manchester into a real-life laboratory for the study of cycling, and to transform Manchester into a cycling city.

Understanding user and stakeholder needs has been central to this project – in order to develop a complementary programme of applied research projects that support a cycling transition and harnessing the knowledge and capacity of research at the University of Manchester. This project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account. It is also part of the broader University Living Lab project. 

Further information

Twitter: @mcrcyclinglab

If you have any questions, please contact Gabriele Schliwa: