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Dr Alison Browne

Lecturer in Human Geography.

Dr Alison Browne

I am a Lecturer in Human Geography, and a Research Fellow in the interdisciplinary Sustainable Consumption Institute.

I am interested in the ways that we can understand, and influence, transitions towards sustainable water consumption (and related resource use) in the Global North and South. I have studied this problematic from the perspective of governance of water resources in the context of climate change:

I am interested in providing different ways of understanding the ‘consumer’ and ‘demand’ (particularly through theories of practice), in a way that critiques current forms of water governance and policy development. For example, see the Patterns of Water project:

I am also fascinated by how cultures of dirt and cleanliness circulate, how they shape everyday practice, how they interact with transitions to water and energy infrastructures within cities and regions, and thus establish themselves as practices across populations (temporally and spatially). 

I am particularly interested in novel ways of conceptualising intervention and disruption to current ways of doing ‘behavioural’, ‘practice’ and ‘policy interventions’.

Using a wide range of methodologies, and complementary theoretical approaches helps me to reframe and critique the concepts of ‘water futures’ for the stakeholders I engage with in deep forms of knowledge exchange, conversation and research co-production (DEFRA, WWF-UK, Environment Agency, local authorities, UK Water Industry, Unilever, etc).



Twitter: @dralibrowne