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Professor Erik Swyngedouw

Professor of Geography.

Professor Erik Swyngedouw

I have a long-standing interest in understanding the political, economic, and environmental dynamics of capitalism and the social forces and practices that aim at its transformation towards a more genuinely humanising geography.

My academic research interests include:

  • political-ecology;
  • hydro-social conflict;
  • urban governance and urban movements;
  • democracy and political power; and
  • the politics of globalisation.

Published work

I am particularly interested in the relationship between urbanisation and the environmental transformation. Some of this work has been published in monographs that explore the relationship between water, social power and urbanization:

More recently, I have been working on the transformation of democratic societies and the processes of de-politiciisation and re-politicisation as expressed in both environmental activism and urban political movement. This research has recently been published in a co-edited book (with Japhy Willson): 

  • The Post-Political and its Discontents: Spectres of Radical Politics Today (Edinburgh University Press, 2014)

I am currently working on a new book, provisionally entitled The Promises of the Political. I was previously professor of geography at Oxford University and held the Vincent Wright Visiting Professorship at Science Po, Paris, 2014.

Research profile

For more detail and a list of Erik’s publications, see his research profile: