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Dr Federico Cugurullo

Lecturer in Human Geography and Sustainable Urbanism.

Dr Federico Cugurullo

My research incorporates the tools of different disciplines from the social sciences and humanities, such as urbanism, urban geography, political science and philosophy, into a single method of analysis whose target is the development of sustainable strategies of urbanisation. Empirically, my research looks at projects for new eco-cities with a focus on ideals, materialities, design and supply chains.

From a theoretical and philosophical perspective, my target is to shape new thinking in relation to the dimension and shape of the sustainable city as an open system crossing conventional political borders.  I'm also interested in how, within multi-regional urban systems, issues of social and environmental sustainability (social justice, happiness and ecosystem services in particular) can be understood and integrated into policy agendas.


For more detail and a list of Federico’s publications, see his research profile: