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Dr Saska Petrova

Lecturer in Geography.

Saska Petrova

My research is focused on intra-community relations and vulnerabilities as they relate to energy, social justice, local governance and natural resource management. I am the research coordinator of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE) which combines the work of 20 world-leading scholars focusing on the spatial and social dimensions of sustainability transitions.   

I have an interdisciplinary portfolio at the boundaries of human geography and environmental science. Many of the findings from my work are reported in my monograph on ‘Communities in transition’ (2014, Ashgate) as well as a number of leading scientific journals such as Environment and Planning A, Urban Studies, Geoforum, Area, Geojournal and Energy Policy. 


Some of my more recent research has focused on urban energy vulnerability and transitions, as a result of, inter alia, the involvement in a number of inter-disciplinary projects:

I am current working on as a stepping stone towards a broader programme of research on domestic energy deprivation in the Mediterranean region, and the CHARISMA project focused on community retrofit and social housing in Manchester and the EVALUATE project exploring energy vulnerability in Central and Eastern Europe.


For more detail and a list of Saska’s publications, please see: