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Sergio Tirado Herrero

Research Associate.

Sergio Tirado Herrero

My research is placed at the nexus between energy, climate and poverty, with societal welfare being a cornerstone of my understanding of social and environmental problems.

In the past few years I have developed an explicit leaning towards deprivation, exclusion and inequality through my on-going inquiry of fuel / energy poverty and vulnerability in Southern and Eastern Europe and its connection with climate change mitigation via the multiple benefits of energy efficiency investments in residential buildings.

Current research

An environmental scientist with a background in environmental economics and the monetary valuation of non-market benefits, I am now incorporating into my research notions of social and environmental justice, vulnerability and resilience, as well as the spatial and temporal dimensions of socio-environmental changes.

A main aim of my activity as researcher and policy analyst is to critically understand and assess existing policy and institutional frameworks in their political contexts, and to contribute to fairer and more efficient solutions to current challenges.

Some of my previous interests and expertise include the spatially-explicit valuation of ecosystem services, and conflicts over resources and the environment.



Twitter: @stiradoherrero