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Professor Stefan Bouzarovski

Professor of Human Geography and Director of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy.

Professor Stefan Bouzarovski

My research interests are based in:

  • human geography, particularly social and political geography;
  • social environmental science;
  • political ecology;
  • architecture;
  • urban planning;
  • development; and
  • welfare economics.

Within these domains, my scholarship has mainly focused on the socio-technical, economic and political dynamics in the rise of energy poverty in developed and developing countries alike.

Recent work

A distinct strand of my scholarship has scrutinised the geopolitics of energy, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of hydrocarbon flows via infrastructure and territory. I have also been interested in scientific efforts to unpack the manner in which household everyday practices are interwoven with the built fabric of inner-city areas.


Underpinning much of this work is a desire to develop innovative methods for conceptualizing and representing space and territory. I have coordinated (and currently coordinate) 36 research projects on these topics, while authoring more than 70 peer-reviewed publications.



Twitter: @stefanbuzar