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Martin Evans

Professor of Geomorphology

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  • BA, Geography, University of Oxford MSc
  • Geography University of British Columbia PhD
  • Geography, University of British Columbia

Research interests

My research focuses on geomorphology, carbon cycling and peatland systems. Topics include peat erosion, impacts of peat erosion and restoration on peatland biogeochemical and hydrological functions (ecosystem services), Peatland carbon cycling, and the role of geomorphological processes as controls on terrestrial carbon cycling.

My research involves field monitoring, application of remote sensing and geospatial data, and laboratory experiments and analysis. Recent projects include work on the impact of peatland restoration in the uplands on downstream flood risk, analysis of carbon cycling in upland reservoir systems, and work on the transformation of particulate and organic carbon in river systems.

Potential PhD projects

I have supervised 15 PhD students in the last 12 years on topics ranging from remote sensing of peatlands, through peat erosion, peatland carbon cycling to and I welcome enquiries from potential students interested in any topics linked to my research interests.

I currently have specific ideas for PhD research topics in five areas:

  • Floodplains as hotspots of carbon cycling in fluvial systems.
  • Understanding microbial controls on carbon cycling in restored peatlands (Link to outline on potential projects page)
  • Impacts of peatland restoration on runoff quantity and quality.
  • The role of urban rivers in the terrestrial carbon cycle
  • Applying 14C analysis of peatland waters to understand flow pathways and organic matter decomposition in eroding and restored peatlands

If you are interested in discussing these or developing PhD ideas in any of my areas of research interest please get in touch.

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  • Upland Environments research
  • Complete and current research projects


To get a sense of the range of my interests and to see results from recent projects (many working with current PhD students) see a full publication list here: