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Saska Petrova

Lecturer in Geography and Research Co-ordinator of the Centre for Urban Energy and Resilience 

Research interests

My research interests are focused on intra-community relations and vulnerabilities as they relate to natural resource management, energy flows, social justice and local governance. Many of the findings from my longitudinal investigation of the key factors shaping protected area governance and local participation in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe are reported in my monograph titled ‘Communities in transition’ (2014, Ashgate). The book refers to the broader debates surrounding the relationship between nature and local people.

Some of my more recent research aims to interrogate urban energy vulnerability and transitions, as a result of, inter alia, the involvement in a number of interdisciplinary projects funded by a range of research councils and charitable bodies. I have often entered into a dialogue with urban political ecology and environmental governance, resulting in publications in journals such as Environment and Planning A, Urban Studies, Geoforum, Area, Geojournal and Energy Policy. I also have an extensive professional background as a public advocate and consultant for a range of global government institutions and think tanks.

Current supervision topics

  • Social Capital, Adaptive Capacity, and the Poor: Exploring the Impacts of NAPAs and NAPA Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Housing retrofits to achieve equitable carbon reductions;
  • Towards Malaysia’s First Green Hospital: Physical Environment, Energy-Efficiency and Green Human Resource Management as a Pivotal Factors to Sustainable Culture Development in Healthcare Industry.

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