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Gabriele Schliwa

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Gabriele Schliwa

Investigating how collaborative innovation research drives sustainable urban development, my PhD focuses on how digital technology facilitates a modal shift towards cycling at the individual and city level. It explores the potential for apps and sensors to make visible the invisible to address equality issues in urban governance.

It will contribute to debates concerning the role of citizens in smart city design as well as emerging sustainable business concepts to co-create solutions for liveable and resilient cities.

Building upon a pilot project at The University of Manchester, conducted as part of the Manchester Cycling Lab, the research will follow an urban living lab approach that seeks to connect academic research with civic society, public and private sector needs through a mixture of qualitative, quantitative and action-led methods.

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Harnessing the digital economy for sustainable transport transitions – The case of cycling.


  • James Evans
  • Andy Karvonen


  • EPSRC Doctoral Studentship