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Heather Piggott

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  • MA Population Studies (Research Methodology). University of Liverpool, 2013.
  • BA Geography. University of Brighton. 2012

Thesis title

Attitudes towards women’s labour in rural poor North India and Bangladesh: A Mixed Methods Approach.


Sarah Marie Hall, Wendy Olsen, Kunal Sen.

Research details

I am researching the attitudes upheld towards women’s labour in rural poor North India and Bangladesh using new mixed methods data collected from an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Department for International Development (DFID) funded gender norms project. I explore the attitudes upheld towards women’s labour by both men and women and examine the mechanisms of attitudinal change. This is an important issue as the rates of female labour force supply in India and Bangladesh have gained vast scholarly attention, yet attitudes towards women and their work has not been comprehensively researched in this context. I provide mixed methods nuanced analysis of this issue, were the interviewees are a sample from within the survey, this allows for rich analysis.
I use survey data to provide overall attitude trends and semi structured interviews to give voice to local women and men to examine the attitudes towards women’s work, I unpick the experiences of rural families in relation to women and work. I am interested in looking beneath the literature that shows changing rates of female labour force supply in these countries, I adopt a mixed methods multi-scalar approach to explore why these labour force trends may be happening.

Research interests

  • Gender
  • Mixed Methods
  • Labour
  • Development Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Cultural Geography

Additional information

  • Research Assistant, University of Liverpool, January- August 2014. A collaborative project working with the Health and Safety Executive.