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Sebastián Andrés Baeza González

Contact details

Previous education

  • BA Geography, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • MSc Governance of Risks and Resources, University of Heidelberg – Heidelberg Center for Latin America

Thesis title

Playing games with the south?: Global Production Networks and video games production in Chile.


Research details

My PhD. research focuses on the videogames development in Latin America. The research will explore how videogames developers, particularly Chilean firms, participate in the global market from a distant position.

Research interests

  • Global Production Networks
  • Creative Industries
  • Developing Economies
  • Game Studies

Recent publications 

  • Rehner, J., Baeza, S.., y Barton, J. R. (2014). Chile’s resource-based export boom and its outcomes: Regional specialization, export stability and economic growth. Geoforum, 56, 35–45.


  • J. Rehner, J., Baeza, S., y Barton, J. R. (2015). A hombros de gigantes. Una geografía económica del comercio Chile-Asia. Geolibros, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.