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Tents under a city bridge

Inequality and vulnerability

A focus on inequality and vulnerability features strongly across much of the research at Geography at Manchester. For many of the research projects this takes the form of exploring environmental governance, and how inequalities and vulnerabilities are replicated through these processes such as the impact of service delivery (e.g., fresh water, energy) on households, communities and natures.

Others explore inequality and vulnerability as it is reproduced across urban or domestic spaces - through asylum and migration, social movements, urban insurgencies, social exclusion and austerity, domestic labour, creative labour, urban diversity, racism and multiculturalism amongst other issues.  

Who we are

Current research projects

  • Producing Urban Asylum (funded by ESRC Future Research Leaders). Jonathan Darling.
  • EVALUATE (Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions in Europe (funded by European Research Council). Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova.
  • How Do Recessions and Austerity Impact Everyday Family Life? An Ethnography of Family, Consumption and Morality Following the Recent Economic Recession (funded by a Hallsworth Fellowship, University of Manchester). Sarah Marie Hall.