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Photograph of city polution

Biogeochemical cycling and pollutant dynamics

Research into the mobility, transport, fate and impact of macronutrients and trace elements within the Earth system, with a particular emphasis on carbon, nitrogen and heavy metals.

Who we are

Current research projects

  • Oxidative ratio of Scandinavian peatlands (Royal Geographical Society Peter Fleming Award). PI: Gareth Clay, Fred Worrall (Durham) 
  • Nitrate in unsaturated zone dune sands of the Kalahari above the Stampriet Basin: PI: Abi Stone, Mike Edmunds (Oxford) 
  • Arsenic bio-methylation and detoxification in boreal peatlands. PI James Rothwell and Christian Mikutta (ETH Zurich) 
  • Tackling urban diffuse pollution using green infrastructure. EA and UU. Co-PI James Rothwell, Katherine Causer (EA), Steve Mangan and Matt Ryan (Salford City Council / Urban Vision), Tony Hothersall and Co-PI Pete Springer (Red Rose Forest) 
  • Examining the diurnal controls on gaseous carbon flux from peatland systems.  Claire Goulsbra 
  • Catlin Arctic Survey 2010. Laura Edwards 
  • Carbon flux from restored peatlands in water supply catchments. (United Utilities, National Trust and Moors for the Future) Martin Evans, Tim Allott, Andrew Stimson 
  • Fluvial organic nitrogen losses from restored peatlands.  Martin Evans, James Rothwell, Donald Edokpa 
  • Cycling of carbon in fluvial systems (DEFRA) Martin Evans, Tim Allott, Claire Goulsbra 
  • ESCAPE – European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects.  Sarah Lindley 
  • Assessment of heavy metal storage in wet organic soils and sediments using field portable XRF. Emma Shuttleworth, James Rothwell, Martin Evans, Simon Hutchinson (Salford) 
  • Investigating the controls on the fluvial export of sediment associated lead and particulate carbon from eroding peatlands – Emma Shuttleworth, Martin Evans, James Rothwell