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Photograph of two trucks in a desert landscape


A broad research theme, concerned both with the appearance of, and with the processes operating to form, the land-surface from whole landscapes down to individual landforms and geomorphological features and spanning timescales from the present day through to landscape dynamics over 102-106 years.

Specific attention is given to: high-mountainous regions, Dryland environments, and particular regions such as British Uplands, north Africa, the Mediterranean, the Himalaya and the southern African subcontinent. Research methods are equally varied with field-work based studies, often coupled with Geochronology, and/or Remote sensing GIS and Environmental Modelling. Landscape dynamics may also provide the backdrop to parts the interactions that humans have with the environment in the past and during present-day geohazards. 

Who we are

Current research projects

  • Age and dynamics of the Namib Desert, including the Namib Sand Sea. PI Ian Livingstone (Northampton), Abi Stone
  • Altitudinal zonation of erosional processes in the Nanda Devi Region, India. Kathleen Nesbit, Jason Dortch, Craig Dietsch (Cincinnati).
  • Attempting rapid age assessment of dune sediments in the Namib Sand Sea using a portable luminescence reader. PI Abi Stone, Mark Bateman (Sheffield), David Thomas (Oxford)
  • Developing a National Soil Erosion Monitoring programme. Martin Evans
  • Does glaciation destroy or create relief in Scotland: Arran vs. Galloway Hills.  Jason Dortch and Phil Hughes
  • Floodplains as hotspots of fluvial carbon cycling. Danielle Alderson, Clair Goulsbra, Martin Evans
  • Investigating the controls on the fluvial export of sediment associated lead and particulate carbon from eroding peatlands. Emma Shuttleworth, Martin Evans, James Rothwell
  • Modelling topographically controlled peatland water table using LiDAR derived DEM’s and gully mapping. Martin Evans, Tim Allott, Emma Shuttleworth 
  • Provenance of the Kalahari Desert sediments. Abi Stone, PI Edo Garzanti (Milano, Italy)
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of former glaciers in the Morocco and the Pyrenees. Phil Hughes, David Fink (ANSTO)
  • The impact of glaciation and climate change on landscape morphodynamics. Michelle Fame (V-Tech), PI Jim Spotilla (V-Tech), Lewis Owen (Cincinnati), Marc Caffee (Purdue), David Shuster (Berkeley), Jason Dortch