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Photograph of a rock climber abseiling in a gorge

Quaternary climates and environments

Our research explores the climate changes of the Quaternary Period and their impacts on landscapes, ecosystems and humans societies.

Our work encompasses a wide range of palaeoclimatic and palaeoecological research techniques, applied to diverse archives including long lacustrine and marine sediment sequences, peats and mires, geomorphological landforms and archaeological deposits. Key topics include the timing, mechanisms and impacts of Quaternary climate change at a range of spatial and temporal scales, the dynamics of past ecosystems, and human-environment interactions within the dynamic context of Quaternary environmental change.

Who we are

Current research projects

  • INTegrating Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records: The INTIMATE network. Christine Lane (Chair) and Will Fletcher
  • Into and out of the Younger Dryas at Haemelsee, northern Germany.  Christine Lane, Stefan Engels (Amsterdam), Wim Hoek & Frederike Wagner-Cremer (Utrecht), Achim Brauer & Dirk Sachse (GFZ, Potsdam).    
  • DeepCHALLA: two glacial-interglacial cycles (ca. 250,000 years) of climate and ecosystem dynamics on the East African equator. Christine Lane, PI Dirk Verschuren (Ghent)
  • MATLAB modelling to approximate how fluctuations in the strength of the mid-latitude westerlies and the Indian Monsoon have impacted Himalayan glacier extent throughout the Pleistocene. Jason Dortch
  • The 1.3-Ma-long terrestrial climate archive of Tenaghi Philippon, northeastern Greece. Will Fletcher, PI Joerg Pross (Heidelberg) & Biodiversity and Climate Research Center (BIK-F)
  • Impacts of abrupt glacial and deglacial climate events on vegetation and fire regime in
  • the Middle Atlas, Morocco. PI Will Fletcher, Christoph Zielhofer (Leipzig), Steffen Mischke (Reykjavik)
  • Why are we still puzzled about the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in southern Africa? PI Abi Stone  
  • The last interglacial in southern Africa: status of the palaeoproxy database. PI Abi Stone, Sallie Burrough and Alex Rowell (Oxford)
  • Wiggle-match dating a 500 yr environmental record from a high-altitude, subtropical peat bog (High Atlas, Morocco). PI Will Fletcher
  • Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change in the High Atlas, Morocco. PI Phil Hughes, Co-PI Will Fletcher
  • Records of Mid-Late Holocene climate change from the North Atlantic region. Pete Ryan, Will Fletcher, Jeff Blackford (Hull)