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Photograph of peat and stream in moorland

Upland environments

Many of the projects undertaken by members of Environmental Processes research group are focussed on Upland Environments.

Several aspects of these environments are studied by the group, including their geomorphology, hydrology, vegetation composition, ecosystem services and pollutant and nutrient cycling. There is a particular emphasis on the response of these sensitive areas to environmental changes and human impacts, with a focus on restoration and regeneration.

Although not limited to this area, a focus for upland work has been the peatlands of the Pennines particularly the Bleaklow and Kinder Scout plateaux in the south Pennines, with a major body of work focussing on the group’s experimental catchment in Upper North Grain.

The group employs a range of methodologies, including long-term field monitoring campaigns and the development of new monitoring methodologies, sophisticated laboratory-based analytical techniques, computer-based numerical modelling, and cutting-edge remote sensing technologies.

Who we are

Current research projects

  • Restoration of moorland catchments managed by prescribed burning (with Moors for the Future).  Gareth Clay
  • The impacts of moorland wildfires on ecosystem services. Gareth Clay
  • Controls on particulate organic matter processing. Claire Goulsbra, Martin Evans, Tim Allott.
  • Eco-hydrological modelling of northern peatlands. Angela Harris
  • High resolution mapping of peatland patterns and processes. Angela Harris
  • Arsenic bio-methylation and detoxification in boreal peatlands. PI James Rothwell and Christian Mikutta (ETH Zurich)
  • Investigating the controls on the fluvial export of sediment associated lead and particulate carbon from eroding peatlands. Emma Shuttleworth, Martin Evans, James Rothwell
  • Making Space for Water: the restoration of bare eroded peat on runoff.  (DEFRA)  Tim Allott, Martin Evans, Emma Shuttleworth
  • Knowledge for Wildfire: improving management of UK wildfire through knowledge exchange:  Julia McMorrow
  • Dissolved organic nitrogen and carbon dynamics in upland catchments of the southern Pennines, UK. James Rothwell, Martin Evans and PI Donald Edopka