Katie (Hei) Chen

Katie, an international student from Hong Kong, is currently studying BA Geography.

On studying in the UK

Katie (Hei) Chen

I wanted to study abroad but still be able to find familiarity in a new environment and moving to Manchester as a city intrigued me. The geography course was also attractive to me because it allowed a lot of flexibility in course and course unit choice.

I began to realise how geography is ever-changing and remains relevant to many contemporary issues in the world. The interdisciplinary nature of this subject was extremely fascinating to me.

The first year of the course allows you to explore both human and physical geography, and the option to change between both is still available in the second and third year. I initially started the course as a human geographer, but after taking some environmental courses in my first semester, I actually quite enjoyed learning about physical geography!

On my favourite thing about Manchester

My favourite thing about living in the city is finding a life balance in both the quieter and bustling parts of Manchester. The University provides a very healthy studying environment through facilities such as the library and the learning commons. On the other hand, finding entertainment and great food is also very easy at Manchester, so going on a night out with friends is easy!

I love being able to have access to the busier parts of a city in the heart of Manchester, but also find quietness on campus.

On life outside my studies

I am part of the Hong Kong MANPASS sub-committee, a member of the dance group Konstellate (the University’s Kpop society) and I also occasionally join dance workshops held by the UOM Dance Society.