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Planning and Environmental Management

David Best

David studied BA (Hons) and BPl Town and Country Planning at The University of Manchester, and is now Managing Director and Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) of financial services company Morgan Stanley.

Career description

David Best

After graduating from The University of Manchester in 1992, I accepted a role at MacIntyre & Co to study chartered accountancy in London. Over three years, I audited a wide range of businesses, from small sole traders to listed public limited companies. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of industry, clients and communication across a wide variety of CEOs and CFOs.

Soon after qualification in 1997, I joined Morgan Stanley's finance department as a Product Controller, which meant calculating a daily profit and loss for a trading desk.

After experiencing a variety of roles in the organisation, I joined company management in 2013, taking the post of Deputy COO for EMEA. I work across the organisation with clients and regulators to help the business to develop and grow.

I have settled in London with my wife and three children, and became a Freeman of the City in 2014.

Studying at Manchester

Manchester was a tremendously diverse and thorough education - from the course I attended, which I thoroughly enjoyed, to the friends that I met that remain close to this day.

I did not use my degree in Town and Country Planning in my role post-university, but the skills I developed were exceptionally helpful. The course involved a tremendous amount of teamwork, which you quickly learn is key to business success.

The course also provided useful training in a wide variety of subjects, including law.