RESIN: Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructure

We're helping Europe's cities and regions to adapt to extreme weather and climate change. Both are ever-increasing threats to our quality of life and the prosperity of cities.

What is RESIN?

Horizon 2020 logo and image of Manchester's Beetham Tower with a canal in the foreground

RESIN was a €7.5million European Union (EU)-funded Horizon 2020 project. It ran from May 2015 until November 2018.

The project consisted of 17 partners - including The University of Manchester - from eight European countries. These included universities, research institutes, the private sector and municipal authorities.

RESIN developed research findings, tools and methodologies that have gone onto build and strengthen climate change adaptation and resilience knowledge and planning in Europe.

The European Climate Risk Typology decision support tool is one of RESIN's key outputs. This tool:

  • allows comparison and analysis of climate risk across European cities and regions;
  • helps in adaptation and resilience planning, and encourages users to tailor responses according to their specific climate risk characteristics;
  • can identify cities and regions with similar risk profiles, which allows users to develop networks and share information to strengthen policies and practices.

Our University took a leading role in RESIN. Key contributions included:

  • creating and testing the European Climate Risk Typology;
  • developing a conceptual framework to guide the project and its various work packages;
  • working with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), and other bodies across the city-region, to build knowledge and capacity to adapt to climate change.

What impact has RESIN had?

The European Environment Agency has used the Climate Risk Typology to enhance the climate change risks information and evidence that they provide to European stakeholders.

The EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy brings together thousands of local governments committed to implementing climate change adaptation objectives. They recommend their signatories use the Climate Risk Typology to support adaptation planning.

Locally, in Greater Manchester, RESIN project research outputs have enhanced policymakers’ understanding of climate risk. RESIN has enabled the achievement of actions contained within GMCA's climate change strategy. Manchester's Climate Change Framework (2020-2025) also draws on RESIN research to help set the framework's adaptation and resilience priorities.

Our people

Our local partner was the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).